London Design SEO & Web Design Journal

If your business is going to succeed, then you need to modernise it wherever you can by investing in an online presence. Having a professional website is no longer optional and it’s expected of businesses. Unfortunately, all too often companies sell themselves short by attempting to create their own web designs or by simply cutting costs and using a template website. At first glance, it may seem like a solid plan, but we can assure you that without an excellent web design company, your website is going to be a failure for sure!

You may think that web design is just about using a few high definition photographs, but it’s so much more than that! Here are some of the reasons that hiring a rock solid web design agency is a good idea:

Proven Track Record

It’s​ hard to measure the success of web design, but if you choose an established web design agency, you can peruse their portfolio to check out successful companies. Success is all in the design, and seeing that past clients were satisfied with design results can give you a peace of mind. Web design services are always tricky in that you’re not paying for a finished product you’ve seen before, but for a design you’ll see later on. However, a web design company in London that’s open about past clients and successful designs is one that has nothing to hide.

Stand Out From Competitors

Regardless of what industry you represent with your products or services, there’s always competition that you need to regularly contend with. The real catch is that competitors have usually been in business much longer than you and have more money to invest in marketing or SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation). One of the ways that you can stand out and get above competitors is to have a well designed website that’s​ not only unique, but functional as well.

Utilise Other Services

The great thing about letting professionals handle your web design needs is that the agency often offers other services pertaining to marketing you may need. It really pays to bundle services together and to allow the same people that have programmed your website to help optimise it for popular search engines and to market it successfully.

Increase Your Revenue

A well designed website not only provides incentive for consumers to stay longer and support your company, but it can help increase your revenue. A properly coded website is also search engine friendly and will allow your company to outrank competitors and show up on the first page of search results. You may find that web design services aren’t too cheap, but it’s an investment well worth making if you’re serious about the success of your company.

Focus Your Energy Elsewhere

Quality web design being based in or near London can help you refocus your energy from web design to other important aspects of your business that need attending to. It may seem like a good idea at first to tackle a seemingly impossible task, but the reality is that taking on web design when you have no experience will only cause other aspects of your business to suffer. Once you entrust your marketing and design needs into the hands of professionals, you can think about expanding, building, and changing your business to fit the needs of the modern consumer.

If your company doesn’t already have a website, it’s important to consider that hiring a web design firm is the only smart way to go. A trusted company can help you stand out from competitors, establish your brand, and give your company a unique voice that you could never give it yourself.

London Search Engine Optimisation

Once you have your beautiful website, do not assume that people will just arrive to it. This is not the case anymore. What used to happen is you could stuff content in to your website, load up the keyword tag and then send thousands of links using some web link building tools and your site would rank literally on the number of links you had. These days be very cautious what links link to your perfectly designed website as they could cause you to get ranking disruptions and maybe even a penalty or two.

You would be well served to find the top London search engine optimisation expert for your swanky new website, as they will undoubtedly do more good than harm. If you attempt to do SEO yourself with no knowledge, you will for sure hurt your websites performance in the search engines. Even some self acclaimed so called “SEO experts” do this as well, so you won’t be alone.

There are many factors to consider when doing SEO, so unless you know what you are doing, this is highly unadvisable to try yourself.