Everyday Excellence / PATTERNITY for COS

I love receiving something in my inbox that inspires me instantly. London based studio Patternity have teamed up with COS. Using everyday objects, exploring repetition, symmetry & geometry, celebrating pattern. Whats not to like! Take a closer look at Patternity's website, you can search by pattern type and up come inspirational pattern images, brilliant!

The animated film is a must see.

COS: what inspired this project? 

PATTERNITY: This project was very much about celebrating the everyday discoveries that often go unnoticed. Transforming even the most banal items into the realms of excellence through further attention to detail and changed focus.  

This idea of re-interpreting one thing as something else is fundamental within the work we do at Patternity and we wanted to produce a project that would create abstraction in everyday life - changing perspective of these everyday items through the way  they have been playfully yet precisely presented.

See the full interview at COS

A study of ordinary objects and geometric formations by Patternity for COS