Stratifications / Krzysztof J Lukasik // designer Q&A

This collection of objects Stratifications designed by Krzysztof Lukasik uses a designers favourite material, marble in a new and interesting way. Laminating the material a similar way to timber. The project was exhibited as part of the London design Festival, Young Creative Poland: 4 Years On. Visually interesting and beautiful objects.

Stratifications / Krzysztof J Lukasik

Stratifications is a collection of five objects based on the complementarity between the simplicity of the forms and sophistication and intensity proper to the texture of laminated marble.
— Krzysztof J Lukasik

Stratifications / Krzysztof J Lukasik


What do you find inspirational as a designer? Is the starting point the material, a process, an approach?

My inspiration often comes from my rather classical culture background. Design allows me to built something new and personal on this cultural foundations. I see my work as an echo but also my own interpretation of already existing concepts.

Most of the time I start with an existing object. I’m an observer. I spend time thinking and doing research. The history of an object helps me to give it a new context – to make something different out of it. 

Stratifications / Krzysztof J Lukasik

What is it like collaborating with a stone mason, was this a new technique?

I first met Mr Dérudet, the stone mason, 3 years ago, when I was preparing my diploma at the Fine Arts Academy in Lyon. We have been collaborating since on my Masters Diploma at écal and the last project Stratifications. 

This collaboration is not only about transmitting his know-how and my vision of design but it's all about human relationship. When I'm entering his workshop, he and his wife, always joke that "hard work has begun, holidays are over". He told me once that collaborating with me was like a breath of fresh air in his work, mainly as a funeral mason.

This technique was invented by Mr Dérudet but we improved it together. One of the goals of this technique  is to use all the left-overs of marble from the other productions, glue them together in a special way and at the end cut out the final object from this "marble sandwich". 

All images courtesy of Krzysztof J Lukasik 

Photos Wojtek Spychalski