Felipe Oliveira Baptista at MUDE / Bureau Betak

Inspiring exhibition designed by fashion & event designer Alexandre De Betak of Bureau Betak. A kaleidoscopic space with mirrors intersecting the gallery at different angles, offering a multifaceted view of the work of fashion designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista. This year marks his 10th anniversary of the designer's line, the subject of a major solo exhibiton at MUDE - Museu do Design e da Moda, the design & fashion museum in Lisbon, Portugal.

Set within a raw and deconstructed space is the highly polished reflection of the installation, the perfect contrast. Lit edged insertions in the space, restrained design which allows the viewer to be curious about the next discovery in the exhibition. Beautiful views through the space, and like a catwalk, its all about those great angles.

October 17th 2013 – February 16th 2014


via DailyBless