FØLSOM design Studio / S&AA's scenography at Galerie de L'architecture, Paris

From design studio FØLSOM,a collective of designers, photographers & artists who combine their artistic skills to provide complete and creative solutions, comes the design for S&AA's Architects show at Galerie de L'architecture in Paris. For the S&AA Architecture agency show 'we based our scenography on their will to bring plants and natural elements into all of their realisations'.

The amazing installation of 6000 pencils in four shades is visually spectacular and inventive with the idea the to create a camouflage ceiling. 'This working tool normally used by the architects to draw, are here, plants.' Beautiful work and interpretation of 'green'.

FØLSOM / S&AA Architecture agency show / photo quentin crestinu

This entire show was based on nature and eco-friendly materials. If wood couldn't work out, we'd though we'd use plants. But we already had to many plants all over and it wouldn't have been something we created. 

FØLSOM / S&AA Architecture agency show / quentin crestinu

So, we got to thinking about how could wood look like plants, and what kind of wood could we hang without being to heavy. And that's how the pencil idea came up. Something green, made out of wood but lighter than wood cuts. 

FØLSOM / S&AA Architecture agency show

We did some reseach to see if something like this has been done before, and how it was possible to be done. All we could find was Lionel Bawden's work.

FØLSOM / S&AA Architecture agency show

Our problem was to do something this big for a 30 day show. 

When Faber Castell said yes for the 6000 pencils and our craftsman said they think our idea was feasable, this is how it all started; Our approximately 5 m2 surface was split into 4 canvases.

FØLSOM / S&AA Architecture agency show

It took a lot of patience, but each pencil has been drilled so the lead of the pencil wouldn't brake, but enough to allow the invisible string to be glued in. 
Therefore, each pencil had its own string. Then they were equally attached to a canvas every 4cm. 

FØLSOM / S&AA Architecture agency show

Faber Castell gave us 4 different greens. So we took an existing photo of a camouflage, and counted how many of each color we could set into each green spot. 

FØLSOM / S&AA Architecture agency show

Then, we had to give them a hight. because in order to make it interesting and more nature like and animated, we wanted our ceiling to be waved.  So each pencil had a particular spot, color and height. 

Thanks to our great craftsman we were able to make this ceiling come true. After the show it will be set in the main office of the S&AA agency in Strasbourg, France.

Images courtesy of FØLSOM

Thanks for sharing your work

Open November 1st 2013 until november 30th 2013

Galerie de L'architecture, Paris

All Photographs by Quentin Crestinu