Livvy Fink / Glass at Selfridges Wonder Room

I saw the amazing glass work created by sculptor Livvy Fink at Selfridges Wonder room and stopped to take it in. If you haven't seen it yet don't miss out, it's on display until Jan 2. Amazing glass art by another talented Royal College of Arts graduate, which looks like frozen moments captured within.  Beautiful and inspiring work by Livvy Fink.

Inspired by the ability of the physical world to spark creative imagination, the glass volume becomes something you can look into rather than through. Inside we discover unfamiliar landscape made up of complex but familiar forms: frozen moments occurring somewhere between liquid and solid states, where passing light is fragmented by a myriad of intricate surfaces suspended within the glass.

All images courtesy of Livvy Fink

Selfridges Wonder Room (Ground Floor) open until 2nd January