Reimagined / Nina Tolstrup for 19 Greek Street with Marc by Marc Jacobs

Danish designer Nina Tolstrup of Mama Studio has created a full furniture collection using left over fabrics from fashion designer Marc Jacobs studio. The project was exhibited during Salone Del Milan 2013.

Called Re-Imagined, the project is born out of understanding the importance of resourcefulness and was originally started during London Design Festival 2012.

The project is made in collaboration with 19 Greek Street and includes sofas, daybeds, dining chairs, low chairs, and a variety of tables all made with the same aesthetics. The project’s concept is to honour the values of craft, up-cycling and sustainability.

The pieces where both exhibited in the Marc Jacobs shop in Brera as well as Wallpaper Magazine‘s exhibition Handmade.

After the success of the Re-Imagined Chair during the London Design Festival 2012, 19 Greek Street is currently working with Nina Tolstrup to develop a complete furniture collection including sofas, daybeds, dining chairs, low chairs, and a variety of tables, all bearing the same aesthetics and honouring the same values of craft, up-cycling and sustainability as the original Re-Imagined Chair.

Conceived and created by Nina Tolstrup, Re-Imagined is a project born out of understanding of the importance of resourcefulness. It builds upon the designer’s interests in usefulness and re-using the existing, and speaks of her ability to see the potential in the overlooked and forgotten.

As with her previous design production, there is a message contained in the Re-Imagined series. Tolstrup wants to encourage us to look again at the unloved furniture in our homes, streets and markets and to make it anew. This is not just a sustainable approach to design and making, but a social one too; through working together and pooling resources we can re-imagine the second-hand and redesign our everyday surroundings.