SHUN*SHOKU Lounge by GURUNAVI / Kengo Kuma & Associates

If you want a space that's going to stand out and be memorable, you have to try something new and take a risk. One of my favourite ways of doing this, rethinking the space, is taking an ordinary material and seeing what it can do in different ways.

The interior designed by Kengo Kuma and Associates  for Shun*Shoku Lounge By Gurunavi in Osaka Japan, creates all of the elements of the interior using only one material stacked and turned on angles to define shelving, stairs and display areas. Im not purely a modernist, but I admire the inventive and interesting use of the material. Inspired today by plywood.


The 83 square meter lounge functions as a cafe, information and public relations space for Gurunavi (a company who connects people with high quality restaurants).


Shun*Shoku serves up fresh smoothies, snacks and houses exhibitions focused around seasonal food and rare ingredients.


Lead architects Kengo Kuma translated Gurunavi’s approach to food education into a space that would visually signify the company’s approach. Inside the space, raw and unpolished planes of plywood are stacked on top of each other, each piece being turned in undulating landscape, creating an angular and dynamic visual effect. Ordinary materials formulated in an extraordinary way allow for the Shun*Shoku Lounge to be interesting and edgy.


Photography Courtesy of Kengo Kuma and Associates

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