Lucy Liu / March Studio

Lucy Liu is solid brick and soaring timber, textured concrete and smooth steel. She includes with pools of light and intrigues with shadowplay. Down a lane, up an alley, through a back door, she beckons with red neon.

In an old room which has seen many outfits, we've shed layers revealingly, brushing up the skin beneath. Then we've added layers which make the most of the high ceilings, making timbers fold past each other, opening up the space and creating pockets of intimacy.

Lucy calls many places home. Just as her food comes from throughout Asia, her timbers recall bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong and Shanghai and there are memories of Tokyo's Imperial Hotel in her bricks and overlapped corners.

140714 Lucy Liu 0260.jpg

An open kitchen commands one side of the room, sending out dishes through a cluster of high tables. The main space holds a spread of low dining tables, beneath the light folds and heavy cantilevers of timber. To the Russell St side, booths provide private space for large groups to get raucous, bathed in red light, surrounded by high brick walls and tall windows. Opposite, a bar runs the length of the laneway wall, all brick and stone and steel, timber shelves running up between windows and lighting bottles, with a scattering of high tables in front for drinks and snacks.

Lucy Liu / March Studio

Lucy knows how to show and hide, what to thrust out and what to cover up. She understands the importance of using light and shadow to entice the senses.

March Studio / Lucy Liu

Main Architect / Rodney Eggleston

Project Owner/Client / Michael Lambie/ George Sykiotis / Scott Borg

Location of Project: 23 Oliver Lane / Melbourne CBD

Date of Completion: July 2014

 7. 7. Square Metre/Foot: app. 370m2

 Photographer / Peter Bennetts