Felix McCormack / Squid Ink Series / designer Q+A

British designer Felix McCormack has not only designed but has also made a beautiful series of furniture called the Squid Ink series. I have been really intrigued since I first saw the squid stool, not only because it's beautiful, but it does make you wonder beyond the end product. The pieces express an honesty about its process and show the hand of the maker. I got a chance to ask talented designer and maker Felix McCormack a few questions about his work and his inspiration. An inspiring designer & maker. 

About the designer:

I am a Designer Maker based on a farm in Cornwall, near to Falmouth where I graduated from in 2011. I am driven by a desire to freely experiment with new materials and processes. I feel my work is a playful mix of contemporary design coupled with a studious respect for making skills. I work on a variety of projects from cutlery to designing and building interiors. Some of my work is currently stocked by Folklore.

What inspired you to create the Squid ink Stools & table series?

Initially I wanted to use a natural material in a new and creative way. I was inspired by the way coloured slips are often applied to ceramics, where you can see brush strokes and the impact of the human hand on the  work. Within furniture colour is often applied very precisely, always  using tape to achieve perfectly straight lines. I wanted to see whether a ceramicists approach to applying colour and texture could be used on furniture.

What process do you use that is different or unique for you? Does this  characterise your design approach?

I suppose the answer above is relevant. My design approach is characterised through making. As a designer-maker most design problems are solved through the making process.

What have you learned along the way?

There are many ways to achieve the same aim, meaning that there should always be time reflect on and potentially change what I am doing. Resisting the temptation to rush things. An important part of my design process is constantly developing my visual language. Knowing what I like and ways I like to make objects, while being experimental and inquisitive with aesthetics and processes.

What part of the process do you enjoy the most?

The most satisfying part of the process for me is seeing an idea turn from a sketch into an object. There is usually a moment when all the  component parts suddenly come together and you what you had hoped for.

What inspires you generally to create and design?

A whole range of areas inspire me, but probably the most inspiring time  is when I see a drawing on the page in front of me and I know it's right. My design process is very intuitive.


What are you working on next?

I have an ongoing relationship with a chain of Artisan Bakeries called Gail's. I designed a range of products for their displays. Products such as cake stands, bread trays and modular display boards. I am also working on a range of furniture which is a development of the Squid Ink  series.


And of course how can we get in touch and order some?

Folklore stock the stools, for any orders and inquiries please use my email.


All images courtesy of the designer Felix McCormack

Photography of furniture © Tessa Pearson

Photography of Felix and the studio © Anya Rice