What Next for Paul Smith? talk at the Design Museum

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a talk by Paul Smith at the Design Museum 'What Next for Paul Smith?', the first in the series celebrating the 25th year of the museum at Shad Thames.

Paul Smith talked about design that's occurred during his career and in response to the question 'what's next?' Paul presented some 'things to think about'. 

It's always inspiring to attend a talk by a designer, see their viewpoint, share their enthusiasm and share some of that here today. I walked away with the same enthusiasm that Paul has and so impressed to see he has maintained that sense of excitement about his work throughout his career and as always looking forward. Inspired.

Best piece of advice I’ve had is ‘Never assume’
— Paul smith

Some things to think about:

Heart / head balance keeping an eye on your dream but always think about paying the rent too , the British industry and the decline of manufacturing in the UK, some good advice 'the job always changes you, you never change the job', 'never assume', always looking at a problem with a fresh set of eyes in a childlike way 'why cant we do that in pink', not producing more of the same, being novel in the your thinking and coming up with solutions, thinking laterally, be a creative but be aware of what's going on around you. Above all be inspired and get out there and do it!

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