Universal Design Studio // Seek No Further / Fruit of The Loom

Universal Design Studio has transformed a gallery space in London’s Shoreditch and Berlin’s Mitte district into two pop-up stores for the launch of Seek No Further. Collaborating with artisans and art technicians, Universal have experimented with unconventional materials like glass wax, flock coating, cast concrete and silicone to create the handcrafted sculptural display pieces.

With an emphasis on the process of making and reflecting the brand’s innovative approach to materiality and detail, the stores’ key message is simplicity.

In Berlin, set within the raw shell of the gallery, solid, bold geometric shapes form a varied landscape. In both stores, an understated monochrome palette is juxtaposed with royal blue flock coating, translucent yellow display blocks of cast glass wax and sculptural objects coated in soft pink silicone.

In London, the capsule collection is displayed on a single 6,5m long rail suspended from the ceiling, set against the raw concrete wall.

The long and narrow space of the gallery is further emphasised by the mirror-clad back wall, creating an illusion of double-depth. Two artists were also involved in the project. Sarah Illenberger and Gary Card created installations for the stores.


Universal Design Studio

Seek No Further

Fruit of the Loom

Sarah IllenbergerGary Card

Photography - Ragnar Schmuck and Michael Bodiam

London Pop-up
30A Redchurch Street
London, E2 7DP
United Kingdom

Berlin Pop-up
Torstraße 66
10119, Berlin