Alessandro Zambelli / Milan Preview

I love the sneak peeks at what's to come during the Milan Design Festival. Today I am fortunate enough to share another look at whats to come, with a look at the work of the talented designer Alessandro Zambelli due to exhibit inside Spazio Rossana Orlandi (very cool) and Ventura Lambrate. Let's take a look. 

WIRE is exhibited inside Spazio Rossana Orlandi, right in the heart of Milan's city centre. The mood of the new metal furniture collection for Seletti is a strange balancing act between retro, minimalist aesthetics and futuristic touches. It moves forward, yet harks back. 

WIRE is a line of furniture accessories in painted steel. The contrasting metalwork results in some unexpected, decorative effects. Fine lines run across the front of each piece of furniture. Little more than a trace, yet picked out like embroidery, they finally thicken, in perfect geometry, to reveal a glint of gold. A playful detail, somewhere between whimsical, ironic and functional, lies at the heart of WIRE.

LEVANTE is exhibited in Ventura Lambrate, the district of Milan most closely linked with international design. This new project for the designer collective PADIGLIONEITALIA investigates the creative side of the Mediterranean unpredictability.

In the words of the designer:

In Mediterranean culture, “dysfunction” can be seen as the anthropological ability to find a way round, an ad hoc solution to make up for a shortcoming.
Here, the bowls gain a new ‘stability’ from an added support or prop which holds them up. It is an instinctive gesture, not designed as the only or definitive solution.
The choice of the cork – a symbol of wine in Mediterranean culture – evokes memories of the countryside and the habit of using corks to mend everyday objects for re-use.


Alessandro Zambelli



Photography Walter Borghetti