Faye Toogood / Assemblage 4 at Milan Salone del Mobile 2014

Debuting in Milan Salon del Mobile this year is British designer Faye Toogood's collection Assemblage 4. Titled Roly-Poly, it includes a low four-legged chair, a higher dining chair and table, a sculptural daybed, and a reinterpretation of Toogood's Element table. Pieces that take on a new look and direction for Faye Toogood drawing influence from her experiences of pregnancy and motherhood.

Roly Poly dining table / 

I realised that it was inappropriate for me in my own home to design furniture with sharp corners – everything has to be rounded, everything has to be ‘fall-offable’ and safe. It has brought on a new aesthetic.

Roly Poly Daybed /

Roly-Poly represents a new stage in the ongoing evolution of Faye Toogood’s numbered Assemblage furniture project; for this fourth iteration, the sharp geometry and postindustrial materials of the previous collection have been ousted by softened edges, high-gloss fibreglass construction and an innocent plumpness inspired by children’s playthings.

Roly-Poly Dining Chair / Raw Fibreglass

Chairs, tables and daybeds acquire a rounded, welcoming chunkiness, with wide legs and gently linear forms, while the popular Elements Table is reinterpreted as a ludic interplay of voids and feminine curves.

Roly-Poly Chair / Cream Fibreglass

Each of the new pieces has been developed as a clay maquette before being rendered in layered fibreglass, chosen as a medium for its tensile strength and sculptural qualities.

Roly-Poly Dining Table / Cream Fibreglass

Surfaces are polished smooth in places, left raw and untreated in others; the resultant textural dialogue is carried across into hand-woven yarn throws and the graphic, contoured Play tapestry – an abstract image derived from an infant’s building blocks.

Roly Poly chair cream / 

The palette throughout consists of subtle variations of off-white, eschewing gleaming futuristic brightness in favour of the comforting dairy hues of mid-century Bakelite.

Roly Poly element table / 

In keeping with Faye Toogood’s longstanding principle of supporting British artisans and craftsmanship, all of the pieces are designed and manufactured entirely within the UK. 

Play-Tapestry / Worsted Wool, Linen, Cotton Warp, Wool West 

Edition of 8 + 2 AP
Hand-woven in England, this yarn tapestry – based on a still life of toy building blocks – illustrates the interplay of geometry and playful forms in the Assemblage No. 4 collection. 


Studio Toogood

Faye Toogood

Photography: Courtesy of Faye Toogood