Nika Zupanc / Love Me More for Dormeo

Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc has created a collection called Love Me More exhibited in Milan design week amongst the stunning surroundings of Museo Bagatti Valsecchi providing the perfect backdrop. The collection includes the Forever bed, Love me More bedding and the Infinity clock, fantastic and inspiring names! They were developed in cooperation with Dormeo and commissioned by Rossana Orlandi. 

'The beauty beyond our reach and love that cannot happen. The pleasures we crave for and the feelings we should not consume. The kisses we want, despite everything.'

A collection designed around the ideas of desire, love and passion has me inspired today!

I tend to work with things that form our secrets and our cravings. Thinking about sleeping and dreaming, I was inspired by the beauty and pain of loving – as it is today and as it has been throughout history. I was moved by the strength of chemistry between two people and by the madness of their passion. These themes formed a baseline sentiment during the Love Me More design process.
— Nika Zupanc

The limited edition of Love Me More bedding was exclusively designed by Nika Zupanc for Dormeo, one of the world’s leading choices when it comes to bedding goods and accessories. This limited edition of 70 pieces will be sold around the world, starting in May 2014. “From a technical point of view, the fundamental influence was the Octaspring technology and all the possibilities that came along with it”, Nika Zupanc said about her collaborative work with Dormeo.

Over the duvet cover runs a detachable flow of multi-layered ruffle, a detail that enables the bed to change its identity within a lover’s breath. 

Forever bed / Nika Zupanc

Dormeo comes to Milano as a globally renowned brand and the project is its first in the context of top-end design. 

It is our passion to move frontiers, so we are happy to collaborate with individuals who have the same ambitions. In this regard, Nika is simply outstanding. I like the way she approaches design. Her ideas always contain an angle that is seemingly wrong or unfinished. Her objects look a little unexpected. At first, I am always intrigued by this challenge, and then I slowly become more and more interested and involved
— Sandi Češko, CEO at Dormeo

The Forever Bed is inspired by both – beds that can be folded into cabinets, and cabinets with locks. While closed, the bed has a key that resembles and underlines the idea of a ‘credenza’ – a small, hidden sacred place where we hide the things we love and fear at the same time. The Forever Bed opens up with a big key that also serves as a supporting leg when the bed is open. The mattress and the cushions are made using the Octaspring technology by Dormeo.

One of the most acclaimed curators of contemporary design, Rossana Orlandi, invited me to design a bed for Camera Verde at Museo Bagatti Valsecchi. Her invitation coincided with my work for Dormeo, more specifically with our ambitions to develop a project around their revolutionary new technology, Octaspring
— Nika Zupanc

Each pointer carries a loop and when they both meet things become charmingly complicated. The pointers and their loops form an intriguing visual structure that in the next moment already disintegrates before our own eyes. But this clock has a soul of its own, even if just an artificial one – when it senses our approach it starts to move gently. Its swinging action reminds us that this moment is the only one that is real and the sole one worth living for. 


Infinity Clock / Nika Zupanc