Clerkenwell Design Week 2014 / Part 2

Continuing the review of Clerkenwell Design Week & exploring more of what was on, I came across the fantastic Studio Rosso at CDW Detail . You may have seen some of their work before, if not, it's a real treat to discover. That and more today on LDJ! 


Studio Roso

I spoke to creative director Sophie Nielsen of Studio Roso about their work, made from polished stainless steel and made in London. Studio Roso have been creating pieces for 5 years making work that radiates the ephemeral nature of our environment. The work has a beautiful reflective quality, the polished version is usually installed as a chandelier with integral light source, reflecting it's surroundings. Their new work explores the finish applied to the piece and has a beautiful irridescent finish.

Studio Roso



The very eye catching geometric lighting by Kaia looking fab hanging in a group at Detail.



Tile Mile

The 'Tile Mile' designed by London based architects Russ + Henshaw in collaboration with Turkish Ceramics was a show stopper, the only problem is how to capture it all on the best angle. Using 7200 ceramic tiles and sitting beneath the medieval arch it it quite spectacular. Parallel mirrors face inwards within the Gate's two inner arches, producing diminishing images of yourself and seemingly endless columns.

Turkish Ceramics

Russ + Henshaw



Studio Weave in conjunction with Equitone fibre cement create 'Smith'. The pavilion celebrates the long tradition of making in Clerkenwell, from goldsmiths and clocksmiths, to booksmiths and even coffeesmiths. Over the three-day design festival, contemporary craftspeople and smiths will be taking residence at Smith and hosting a range of workshops and demonstrations.

Studio Weave



From Art to Design / Campana Brothers with Edra

In the Crypt the exhibition 'From Art to Design' you can view the Campana brothers designs for Edra. Dimly lit and viewing the chairs with reverence, the whimsical pieces made with soft toys, timber pieces and balls of wool play a great juxtaposition.


Campana Brothers



One of the standouts for me, is Portugese brand Munna. It's always fun to discover something exciting and fresh & Munna's 'Dress Me' collection with the Becomes Me armchair is fantastic! It's the fourth in a series of seven collaborations that the brand is doing with various artists, designers and makers, getting a new perspective on existing pieces from the collection.



The stunning range designed by Nika Zupanc for Sé was on show, each piece you wanted to get close to with golden reflective interiors and tactile surfaces. Based in London, Sé is the brainchild of Pavlo Schtakleff, whose vision is to marry the best designers with the finest makers in Europe 

Nika Zupanc


Light relief on the Clerkenwell Design Week trail


Norwegian outdoor furniture supplier Vestre pop-up exhibition was a delight to come across. Not only for the great furniture, but also for the warm welcome they gave everyone who entered St. James garden. The design is rooted in the principle of the Scandinavian aesthetic: products that are accessible and available to everyone.



Beautiful display of objects by the Crafts Council.


Beautiful combinations of leather and marble found at Noble & Wood. Paul Blease founded Noble and Wood based upon his family history, a legacy of integrity and love for well made products. Inspired by great explorers, Noble and Wood endeavours to design and manufacture timeless elegant furniture and  home accessories. Noble and Wood’s philosophy of crafted modernism is achieved through combining rich materials and exploring modern manufacturing processes with traditional hand crafted techniques.

Noble & Wood


Colourful graphic design by David David, featuring the David David chair also exhibited in the V&A's 2012 summer show celebrating 60 years of British Design, which is hand coloured. The other chair on display I recognise from 19 Greek Street in Soho, the re-imagined series collaboration with Studiomama. These chairs have been purchased by Marc Jacobs, nice to know where some on them end up.

"David David is the poster boy for the London crossover between art and fashion"



Photographs taken © London Design Journal 

All images courtesy of the designers