Prism, London / Robert Storey + Q&A

Talented London based set designer Robert Storey has just designed his first permanent space for Prism in London. I first saw his work at the Wallpaper Architects Directory exhibition 2012 and he has been doing amazing things for Wallpaper, Opening Ceremony, Vogue and the British Fashion Council to name only a few. I asked Robert a few questions about the new space, and it's beautifully angular, geometric interior. The images of the space just mean that you'll have to get down there and see it for yourself, inspiring!


How did you come to design the interior for Prism?

I did a pop up space for Prism in Harvey Nichols a few years ago and met Anna the owner then. We had some dialogue after and I designed a few more temporary spaces which she was involved in for the British Fashion Council. 


What was the brief for the interior?

Prism is all about a city girl looking for beach wear which reflects her city style. Anna felt women often have to change their style when on holiday, so the brief was heavily focused on creating a contemporary environment which felt like it belonged in a metropolis like London or New York or a chic exotic beach escape. 


What was your concept or inspiration for the project?

I wanted to make something which fulfilled the brief so I looked a lot at the materials used In luxury beach houses in Brazil or contemporary city architecture. I also focused on the prism aesthetic which luckily sits harmoniously with my own style - strong geometric shapes combined with raw expensive materials.


I love the angles and geometry in the interior, is that something that you use in your work?

Yes, I always like to use bold lines and interesting perspectives. I'd been looking at brick walls a lot recently and noticed how every now and then a brick later does something a little different. I was interested with an undulating design is seen so wanted to translate that into the store.


What did you learn during the process?

This is my first permanent space so I learnt a lot on the process, mostly about the practical side of how a shop functions. I also had to research using lighting in a lot more permanent and flattering way.


What do you like most about the project?

I think the design and materials really managed to encompass the brand aesthetic so I'm very happy that I managed to combine that with my own style.

I love the terrariums with living plants, I'm obsessed with flora so love that they have been incorporated into the store.


Would you have done anything differently?

The build of course over ran slightly so I got really busy and had to do another job in New York for the final stages of the build which meant I couldn't be on site. It was difficult to keep a check on the quality of the finish of the build which was frustrating. Luckily I was working with an interior architect closely for the production and design plus Anna was on site a lot so managed to keep on top of things in my absence.


What are you currently working on?

Is there anything that you would like to design but haven't as yet?

I'm currently working on an exhibition design for an architecture show plus a few still life editorial projects for magazines. The scale of what I do varies dramatically which is great.

I would like to design some furniture in the future, it's something I haven't really had time to focus on yet but I'm sure I will make it happen eventually.


Robert Storey

Photography: Jeff Hahn

Richard Bennett : store development design

Prism London

54 Chiltern street, W1U 7QX