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The fantastic thing about design and technology is being inspired by people from around the world. Today's inspiration comes from retail interior for Capsule by the talented team from Prospace Design based in Australia. It's fantastic to share great design from my home country (but I'm not biased) it's a reatil space with beautiful details, 'dipped' in white and doing away with the traditional glass front. Keep and eye out, these guys are ones to watch!

- What is your favourite part of the project? 

Definitely the opportunity to produce a unique shop front with no glass. The lattice like screen is also the introduction to the concept of a store 'dipped' in white and it is great to see that theme carried through to the treatment to the rods, timber frame and tiled portal, it creates a real point of difference in the mall.


- What did you learn along the way? 

A new level of value engineering. Given the centre was in a difficult location and prices to build and install at the centre were at a premium, we explored in even greater depth than most projects, ways of getting the project designed and built on time and in budget


- There are lovely details throughout the interior in the display elements and ceiling, do you work with a particular team to deliver the project? 

Whilst the design and detail of the store comes from our Senior Design team at Prospace, we are fortunate to have great relationships with a fantastic lighting design company, Light Project, and build team; Strike that helped us realise the scheme.

- What inspires you as designers? 

The opportunity to create a memorable experience and a design that has longevity. The goal is always to create an experience for the consumer that encourages brand loyalty and greater commercial yield for our clients. Therefore our work is strategically driven by our clients needs but always creatively led.

- What are you working on next? 

We are busy working with several brands on retail concepts in Asia and Australia, showroom spaces in Queensland, through to concession spaces that we have just completed for Tony Bianco in Myer Sydney, Chadstone and Melbourne. 

The Project

Capsule approached Prospace Design Studios to create a concept store located in Melbourne's newly opened Emporium shopping centre. Having previously worked with Capsule to design and deliver their store in the world's first 'Living Mall' at Central park in Sydney, Prospace took the opportunity to build on an existing design language that is all about sharp style and individuality. 

The brief was simple, create a point of difference within the mall, making the Capsule store a destination. This was achieved through the use of a simple and cost effective materials palette. The shop front, consisting of large lattice like screens made up of black metal rods, encased in a timber frame, and enclosed within a ceramic tiled portal, creates a substantial impact on entry to the store. A white resin floor forms the base of a store that is 'dipped' in white, with minimal fixtures that allow product to be 'exhibited', furniture and even the shop front finished in white at low level.

The sharp white floor is contrasted with shades of grey on the walls, fixtures and ceiling. A full width, floor to ceiling orange fabric screen sitting behind sheets of rebar, partitions the main store from the second retail space due to open later this year. Whilst providing a strong pop of colour within the store, the fabric offers some transparency in to the second retail space and delivers on the notion of exclusivity the Capsule team wanted to create for this space; by creating a physical but not completely visual barrier between the main retail space and the second space that will carry limited edition ranges from brands in the future. The store design and attention to detail in the visual merchandising from the Capsule team creates a destination within the heart of Melbourne Emporium.


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Photographer: Victoria Scott