Ben Storms / In Vein

Today I am featuring a beautiful piece by designer Ben Storms called 'In Vein', a marble trestle table with dual function. Ben produces 'In Vein' himself, impressively "with my own 2 hands. 90% of the process is literally done by hand. Within this design, I would like to push the limit now regarding use of marbles and metals (play with colors and textures), also pushing the limits of span." Stunning piece, the mother of all trestle tables! 


In Vein is a marble trestle table that can be used as a mirror by positioning it straight up against the wall. The original trestle table represents simplicity, mobility and efficiency. In contrast with these features ‘In Vein’ adds delicate luxury and vanity.


In Vein was the result of a one year course at the Thomas More university college in Mechelen. For nostalgic reasons, I wanted to work with marble during my graduation project. Because my father ran a company in reclaimed building materials, my brother in I used to build our camps under and between big blocks of marble and Belgian bleu stone. You could say I kind of grew up with this exquisite material.


As a designer I am particularly interested in the specific characteristics of a chosen material. Marble is a material which triggers the imagination for ages. Since the Ancient Greeks this material has always been used. And even today almost everybody knows the basic characteristics of marble: it is heavy, cold, expensive, cracked, colourful, hard, veined, sometimes fashionable, sometimes kitsch.

Out of a shortlist of the different common notions of marble i chose to work with the one which is the most known: It is heavy.

For about 4 months i was planning to present probably the heaviest bench ever, a massive piece of furniture cut out of a marble block with a weight of nearly 3 tons. Because of economic and practical reasons I changed my plans and came up with the idea to make a lightweight marble table. In contrast with every other marble table, In Vein is light as a feather and therefore a mobile marble table.

So my goal was to make a light marble table, but what should it look like?

Like the trestle table, the mother of all tables.

Apart from being a table, In Vein also doubles as a mirror: the underside of the table is a reflecting, hydro-formed sheet of stainless steel. When desired the table can be put straight up against the wall to use as a mirror, or rather a reflecting sphere-shaped object. Through archaeological research it is known that the trestle table was sometimes painted on the underside. Whenever the tabletop was put straight up spectators were shown Biblical stories and had possibly a moment of (self) reflection.


Size: W100 x L200 x H73

Materials: Marble Gris d’Ardenne Belgium - mirror polished stainless steel - steel - leather

Ben Storms

Photgraphy by Isabel Rottiers (images 1-3) and Luca Beel(other photo's)