Bonsoir Paris / Galleries Lafayette

The design Duo Rémy Clémente and Morgan Maccari founded Bonsoir Paris design studio. They were commissioned by Galleries Lafayette to create 16 window installations, the theme for the installation was “The Blank Page”. The white page is the beginning of creation, the place where things materialize. Working with only white materials is an interesting challenge, differentiating each from the other only by it's unique properties. Super cool installation from the talented team, read on for Q&A with the designers.

What is your background in design?

Rémy and I met at school during our graphic design studies. So we started working together with a graphic designer approach for magazines and companies. Then we started working as art directors for fashion and still life editorials, putting our knowledge in layout and composition into photographic works. That was our first step in set design and object design. Until now, our commissioned projects are quite varied, ensuring that our learning process never ends. 

How would you describe Bonsoir Paris and your design philosophy?

Bonsoir Paris is definitely a mix between eclectic sensibilities. I think our identity comes from the matching points between our individual expectations of what makes a good (design, product, photography, etc.). We like to start with a design that represents a challenge for us to achieve. 

How did you come to work on this project with Galeries Lafayette?

We met the Galeries's space designer to whom we showed our work. Our inspirations matched, and our previous display projects (based on unexpected material combination) immediately spoke to her so she decided to put us on the project. 

What was the concept behind the installation?

The theme for the event was “The Blank Page”. The white page is the beginning of creation, the place where things materialize. 

What was the design process like? Did you sketch the spaces or did you start from the materials?

The starting point on these installations, more than any other project, was the products.

We created 16 window installations that highlight a detail, a characteristic that renders each product exceptional.

Who did you work with to make the spaces a reality?

When it came to production, part of the work was done in our workshop; the other part divided by all of our maker partners. Since we started Bonsoir Paris, we have managed to build a strong supplier team in each domain. Mostly people who work for the event or fashion industry and know how to work well, even in a hurry. 

For the set up, we had a large installation team as back-up. Each person has his own speciality from light to assembly.

What did you learn on the way?

As all the windows were white, we learned how to play with different materials of the same color, respecting their different properties.

On these ones, light was more than ever the main parameter that gave shape to all of the installations. 

Where do you find your inspiration as designers?

As a designer, having a good culture of design history is fine but I think it's more important to stay opened to other creation fields in order to find new inspirations. We are both as much inspired by other designers as by painters or music for example. 

Is there a project or design that you would love to do?

Yes and I couldn't say how much. We want to go one step forward in our work and why not editing our own products or collaborative design ? 

We are always keeping an eye on new technologies that we could use to create more experiential designs. 

Galeries Lafayette’s “Quoi de Neuf” has become, throughout its many seasonal editions, a must-see event for the discovery of new trends in fashion. 

This time, the department store was guided by literature, to immerse the spectator in a surrealist universe, punctuated by purity and minimalism. 
In order to illustrate their concept of “the White Page », Bonsoir Paris created 16 window installations that highlights a detail, a characteristic that renders each product exceptional. 


ART DIRECTION: Galeries Lafayette

DESIGN & SET DESIGN: Bonsoir Paris
PHOTOGRAPHY: Bonsoir Paris
COMMISSIONED by Galeries Lafayette