London Design Week / Highlights

Bringing you highlights from London Design Festival 2014 this week. Starting with the striking and graphic enamelware at Vessel Gallery, Benjamin Hubert's 'Seams' ceramic vessels, Polymino at Ally Capellino and Design Reunion at Platform Gallery. Take a look.

Vessel Gallery

Ten by Two, an exhibition of artistic limited edition enamelware. Ten by Two marks 10 years of collaboration by Hannah Dipper and Robin Farquhar


Exclusive UK launch of Seams, a collection of five large ceramic earthenware centre pieces designed by Benjamin Hubert Ltd for iconic Italian ceramic manufacturer Bitossi Ceramiche. The mould can be reconfigured making the final object somewhere between hand made and mass produced.

Benjamin Hubert

Vessel Gallery


Ally Capellino has worked with architect Seng Watson on Polyomino, a playful interpretation of Piet Hein’s Soma Cube. Made from sustainable papercrete, the 27 250mm³ blocks are joined according to Piet Hein’s formula. The top face of the complete grey concrete cube has an inset deep brown leather square in each of it’s 9 cubes.

Ally Capellino


Aaron Probyn / Tessellate wall light + Smithfield armchair

Sarah Campbell / Fifty leaves

Claire Norcross / Crystalline

Tord Boontje / Bouquet

Simon Pengelly / Wing


Curated by Polly Dickens, Creative Director of Habitat, Design Reunion showcases work from six of London’s most respected names in design including Tord Boontje, Claire Norcross, Simon Pengelly, Sarah Campbell, Aaron Probyn and Shin Azumi in a multi-sensory exhibit to celebrate 50 years of Habitat.

Platform Gallery