From then On / Formafantasma at Established & Sons

Talking about highlights of Design Week 2014 in the last few posts and there are many! Last year saw British furniture brand Established & Sons collaborate with Faye Toogood for an amazing interactive lighting installation The Conductor. Not to be outdone, this year Established & Sons have collaborated with Italian designers Formafantasma to present 'From then On'. A series of 4 kinetic sculptures that mark the passing of time using the qualities of a different material, also marking Established & Sons tenth anniversary.


Fan clock


This installation provides a contemplative and subtle pairing of materials, movement and sound. A series of clocks track the progress of different time intervals with each timepiece considering the passage of time using the singular qualities of precious materials. 


Marble Clock


The designers intend to bring the viewer’s perception of time, place and object together in both a physical and imaginary space.


Saxaphones clock


Formafantasma, Italian design duo Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin, produce works and installations that record the significance of objects as cultural conduits from their Amsterdam based studio. 
They identify their role as the bridge between craft, industry, object and user and seek to stimulate a more critical and conceptual design dialogue through their work.


‘Not all designers can start designing without a prescribed end point but we were attracted to the freedom of this project as it’s important that ideas can develop and change. Once the concept took form it was then a partnership with Established & Sons that solved the production challenges. We got very closely involved with the technicians and were impressed by their enthusiasm, expertise and the final execution. There is a strong argument for open briefs and for the manufacturer to trust the designer with this kind of full commitment.’ 

Simone Farresin, Formafantasma designer