London Design Festival / 100% Design

Design week was super busy for anyone in London and interested in Design. So lucky to be able to see so many amazing things in one huge week. One of the busiest 'trade' shows is 100% Design in it's twentieth edition! Here are some of the discoveries, highlights and favourite products from the show, enjoy!


Fantastic mirrored entry to the show by Studio Design UK. The tunnel features fifteen arches and is intended as a visual representation of Design Kaleidoscope, the overall theme of the event. The mirrored surface within the tunnel reflects a series of products that are demonstrative of the breadth of designs at the show. 


The entrance to Earls Court is where Czech glass manufacturer Lasvit in collaboration with Libeskind installation Ice, an intriguingly dramatic chandelier. Ice is made up of clear glass cells that cluster together in a series of puzzle-like, triangular patterns, which capture light, refracting it into exquisite prisms. 


The specially commissioned installation iAlter by international architecture and design practice NBBJ. The design practice responsible for some of the most innovative projects - commissioned by major global companies such as Google, Amazon and Samsung. 

'Inspired by the simplicity of kinetic sculpture and the complexity of our design algorithms, we wanted to create a space that flexes in response to people flow and gently encourages serendipitous encounters.' David Lewis, Principal at NBBJ


Foam Dome by vPPR Architects    

Foam Dome by vPPR Architects    


vPPR Architects created a specially commissioned installation for the show’s Kitchens & Bathrooms hub. Sponsored by Turkish ceramics, the installation 'Foam Dome' is a spectacular pavilion created of bubble foam. Constructed out of a lightweight geodesic dome, covered in white mesh from which foam is emitted, creating a frothy, interactive breathing membrane. 

'We’ve designed Foam Dome around the idea of cleanliness, referencing an indulgent, purifying spa experience. ' Jessica Reynolds, Director of vPPR Architects


This year’s Talks with 100% Design programme were housed in the stunning auditorium designed by the multi-talented El Ultimo Grito. Each of the hanging installations rotate and act as a screen for the ongoing talks. 


An installation of 20 three-metre-long plywood boxes called 1:1. The composition was re-configured routinely throughout the event, demonstrating how furniture can be used to choreograph behaviour and manipulate space; ideas at the core of Pearson Lloyd’s practice.


Vitra had an amazing and fresh looking graphic stand presenting key pieces from Vitra Home Collection 2014 headlined by new collections from Barber & Osgerby and Jasper Morrison, plus the introduction of exciting graphics and colours from Alexander Girard


Studio Mette created the Maker Carousel. The interactive installation harnessed the magic of the carousel to emphasise the liberation, imagination and wonder sparked by the materials and methods a contemporary designer-maker can explore. Experimentation and play was encouraged among visitors through talks, tasks and activities based on both hands-on and hi-tech methodologies in design, from paper prototyping, model-making and block-printing on bags to 3D printing and connectivity.


100% Design has developed 'Design Kaleidoscope' as the theme for the 20th edition of the show. Designed by Thomas Matthews the kaleidoscopes are created through the mirroring of products. Derived from the Greek kalos meaning 'beautiful' and eidos meaning 'form', Design Kaleidoscope looks at the observation and engagement with beautiful designs. The specially commissioned exhibition will display a series of exceptional pieces that have been launched at 100% Design since the show was first staged in 1995.


Capitol Designer Studio looked great from every angle with the launch of Flexible Architecture ceramic range in collaboration with Philippe Starck. It was a show stopper and once again demonstrating using something as simple as a tile can be extraordinary, for the second year running I think they stole the show. See previous post about last years installation Pulsate here. 

With the 30x30cm wall tile module the collection enables the designer to create different patterns and grids. Each colour has a series of different edging  profiles which allows you to mix the overall textural effect. As with everything Starck designs, it is totally revolutionary

'The tile is no more decoration, it becomes part of the architecture. The ugly joint used to be a problem, now the ugly joint becomes more than an advantage.' P. Starck