David Taylor / All of the above

I first looked up David Taylor's website and came across the domain for Daivd's website www.superdave.se and thought what a fantastic name! It's not the best reason for taking a look at his work but it's a good start. David's work is an intriguing mix of materials and balance of form.

When an old-school glazing company moved out of their space in my neighborhood and dumped a load aluminium scrap into a container next to my workshop it was like a gift from above...

David Taylor presents ALL OF THE ABOVE at The Future Perfect in New York this November

It’s the visual story that draws the viewer’s eye to an object; function, material and technique are essential to the plot, but second to the drama of a story well-told.
— David Taylor

ALL OF THE ABOVE: is a highly connected group of objects with a common genealogy and a shared sense of place, it's the play with materiality and context that has become the logotype of David Taylor's work.

Moving gently into a larger scale has allowed me to expand the scope of my work, easing out of the cereal box format and into something a bit more comfortable
— David Taylor

Aluminium, copper, mirrored glass and plastic are among personalities that conspire to bring us a body of work that is compelling, not only in its breadth and reach, but also for it's interpretation of the commonplace objects that make up this exhibition.  

There was piles junk in the container but for me the aluminium pipes and profiles where the most interesting, some were pretty scratched up while others still had protective film wrapped round them. The guys who made the windows had retired so suddenly they had lots of material but nobody who knows how to use it…
— David Taylor

ALL OF THE ABOVE will be Taylor’s New York debut.

David Taylor combining his silversmithing skills with a broad material pallet has propelled is work onto the international scene. He works in a hard to define area, somewhere in the vicinity of art and not to far from design which he chooses to call contemporary craft.


The Future Perfect is a showcase for exceptional decorative art and design. Founded in 2003 The Future Perfect has become a leading American platform for design from around the world at its two locations in Manhattan and San Francisco.


"ALL OF THE ABOVE” open from the 4th November through to 16 Jan 2016.