Caesarstone presents: Movements by Philippe Malouin at Fuori Salone 2015, Milan

Caesarstone, the leading manufacturer of premium quartz surfaces, will unveil their latest installation at Milan’s Fuori Salone 2015. Movements, an interactive installation by London-based designer Philippe Malouin, will be on view at the grand palace Palazzo Serbelloni, from the 14th - 18th of April. 

Caesarstone /Movements

Movements is a two part installation which examines the unexpected use of Caesarstone surface material and process-based design; experimenting with the inherent characteristics unique to the material and exploring the distinctive designs and textures in the Caesarstone collection. The Palazzo’s grand hall will house an interactive installation made out of an 8-piece swing-set created from the new 2015 surface designs. The installation juxtaposes the splendour of Palazzo Serbelloni with a minimalist, monolithic language investigated by the designer. Typically associated with carefree, childish activity, the swings are here removed from their original playground surroundings and relocated to a historical environment and context. The swings bring an out-of-context element into play and invite visitors to interact with the material and the installation.

Caesarstone at Salone del Mobile Milan 2015
Caesarstone at Milan Salone del Mobile 2015
Caesarstone at Milan Salone del Mobile 2015

The adjacent room hosts a handmade group of planters that documents Philippe Malouin’s process of experimentation with Caesarstone’s surface material and technique. Modern and geometric in their design, the collection explores a very different range of techniques, such as traditional inlay and marquetry, as well as the material’s versatility and the wide variety of colours in the Caesarstone collection. 

For me the starting point was the exploration of the material, as we tend to start most projects. We therefore focused on spending time in the workshop, except, this was not an ordinary workshop, but a fully equipped solid surface transformation facility. Caesarstone is an extremely versatile material that is easy to predict and work with, and it offers a variety of colours and finishes. I therefore experimented with a series of techniques and applications ranging from the mundane to the more experimental. - Philippe Malouin, Designer
For our third large-scale presentation in Milan, we were interested in delving into Philippe Malouin’s unique approach to product design, so that the qualities unique to Caesarstone material - such as strength and flexibility, are explored in a thoroughly new way. - Eli Feiglin, VP of Marketing at Caesarstone 

Palazzo Serbelloni
Corso Venezia 16
April 14-18 2015, 10am - 7pm