Mimi Jung

Mimi Jung / London Design Journal
Mimi Jung / London Design Journal
London Design Journal
Mimi Jung / London Design Journal

The trait of introversion allows those who possess it to be their own focal source of stimulation; on the other end of its continuum is extroversion, causing a need to seek energy and inspiration externally. Jung’s presentation at Collective Design Fair explores the tension between the desire for isolation — to be alone within one’s mental universe — and the need to participate with surroundings. Jung’s woven partitions embody the semi- permeable membrane every individual holds between their solitary internal universe and the external one we all share. 

Mimi Jung’s roots in art and design have led her to pursue a new language in the world of traditional weaving. Mimi’s goal with any project is to express her personal vision, to evoke a feeling through form or material or composition, rather than to execute on technique.

Mimi studied fine art at Cooper Union in New York and typography at HGK Basel. Art and design practices continue to influence her work strongly, and as a result Mimi’s woven works push beyond the realm of traditional craft-making

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