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For some time I have wanted a place for all the inspirational images, ideas, products, music etc that inform me as a designer - and also a great reference point for me & hopefully others. I used to keep an ongoing design journal starting at university & throughout my working career as an interior designer & I guess this is much easier - the online version.

"You Can Find Inspiration In Everything - Paul Smith"

Voice II     Katy Holford

British Artist Katy Holford's amazing glass 'spinning tops' I first saw last year in the window of Vessel Gallery on Kensington Park Road.
Each one is a different shape & colour, but all equally jewel like - I wanted one of each!

I have only uploaded one of the pieces here, but you can view more by following the link http://www.vesselgallery.com/gallery/artist.php?designer=Katy%20Holford