Hôtel du Marc of Veuve Clicquot in Reims, France

The images & inspirational ideas behind the renovation of the Hotel Du Marc designed by Bruno Moinard. It has taken 4 years & sadly for me anyway, it's an invitation only hotel - more of a luxury guest house, used for launches & events held by Veuve Clicquot. The interesting part is the renovation has also involved designers and artists such at Mathieu Lehanneur, Pablo Reinoso, Fredrikson Stallard.

This is a building which managed to survive in a city that was 60% destroyed in 1918, during the First World War, escaping with only shrapnel pockmarked façades. Interestingly enough, the property has been in the family’s possession since 1840 & still has Madame Clicquot's desk in the Summer room.
Each room is named after a person, a season and a country. The first room is dedicated to the ''in between'' seasons of winter and spring. Nature is still very quiet, the colours are very soft, pastel based. The room is painted in a soft blue and gold colour scheme, and it's dedicated to Asia. The second room is dedicated to Italy and to Autumn.  The colours that we used are warm, brick, red, brown like the vine leaves...a collection of Fornasetti plates and pillows honour Italy.  The third room
is the metaphor of the cold Champagne winter. The colours are white and ice, blue, and the textiles are very soft...portraying Russia...which a collection of Maison Martin Margiela's white matrioshkas are here to testify. The fourth room is dedicated to Japan and to springtime. Pale and soft greens, where we feature a fabulous old kimono from Kyoto which mirrors a very contemporary piece by Chiho Aoshima.  The fifth room is an explosion of gold and bright yellow and it's dedicated to the USA.

'We wanted to honour the Champagne Region and to show our respect for Mother Nature which regulated the life of the vineyards and in turn, our products. Also, we wanted to dedicate some rooms to our very great markets, those that ensure our development and our success, and of course also our Maison’s personalities'

Portrait paintings gallery unlighted, Hôtel du Marc

Portrait paintings gallery unlighted, Madame Clicquot portrait. Hôtel du Marc
'we wanted to integrate the portraits of the people that have had the most impacted on our Maison through the Hotel du Marc’s very spectacular and modern ambiance. We decided to oversize the formats and to casually place the giant frames directly on the floor with very dramatic lighting. The final effect is indeed spectacular and we hope that our visitors will keep this vision in mind as one of the stronger experience'
Mirror and console by Hervé van der Straeten

Entrance Hall, banister and ''mirror pleated skirt'' inspired by Issey Miyake's Pleats Please, Bruno Moinard designer
Chandeliers by Jugnet+Clairet in red neon lights in the Atelier
''Cadre de Vie'', Pablo Reinoso bench, Hôtel du Marc
The Tasting Gloriette by the Campana Brothers
'Once upon a dream' by Mathieu Lehanneur