~ MOA basket series by Eva Marguerre & Marcel Besau

I'm always interested in the story behind the design, the technique that makes a new product or design come to life.
The MOA basket series by Eva Marguerre & Marcel Besau uses a combination of elastic yarn & resin to form flexible baskets. The baskets refer to traditional craftsmanship with modern manufacturing processes. Although the baskets are serially produced, the use of these materials ensures that each basket is unique.


“The basic form is built of innumerable crisscross spanned Lycra-yarns where every route is different, leading somewhere from bottom to top or someway from right to left, seemingly without beginning and end. The outcome of this is an interwoven elastic net, that is afterwards drenched in resin and pressed over a suitable form. Thus, the formerly two-dimensional flexible structure is transformed into a three-dimensional form, creating fruit-, newspaper-, and paper-basket which are solidified by hardening of the resin”, the designers explain.

Eva Marguerre
Marcel Besau

'MOA' Basket-series by Eva Marguerre and Marcel Besau