Baker D Chirico // March Studio

The sculptural simplicity of this interior is inspiring & the use of a single material (undulating CNC routed plywood) which forms the wall and ceiling as a gesture to both display the product & allow it to cool after baking.

Baker D Chirico is located in Carlton, Melbourne back in my home country, designed by March Studio. Australian practice March Studio conceived this Melbourne bakery as an oversized breadbasket. After talking to the owner, the inspiration came from the product itself, made from few ingredients & allowed to cool on racks or in baskets.

The undulating wooden slats that cover the rear wall and ceiling of the shop function as shelves for storing and displaying breads of different shapes and sizes.

A wooden chopping board spans the length of the bakery to create a countertop with integrated pockets for scales, knives, crumb-catchers and checkouts. The signage is also well thought out, with a NY deco feel.

‘A basket the size of a shop. A basket that was also a rack. A single gesture.’
‘the central counter is conceived of as a giant chopping board’