~ Bec Brittain, Shy Light

These sculptural light fittings by Bec Brittain are somewhere between art & lighting. The design uses LED tubes & uses a series of modular hardware. Even close up the joints are beautifully resolved & the finishes, brass & oil rubbed brass suit the glowing forms.
The images are beautiful within themselves - so I have attached a few.
SHY Light takes its name from the initials of the designer's grandmother. The form is inspired by crystalline structures. SHY Light can be hung from any of its hubs allowing for a multitude of orientations for each single fixture. In terms of size and configuration, the possibilities for this modular lighting system are unlimited.

SHY Polyhedron

"The growth of crystals in entirely compelling to me – growth in a non-living thing is absolutely amazing! Moreover, it's fascinating the way each mineral has its specific growth structure which is consistent, yet depending on environmental variables each specimen is unique. " Bec Brittain