India Mahdavi / Brasserie & Hotel Thoumieux, Paris

Images of the famous Costes bothers venture, Thoumieux Hotel & Brasserie. The hotel located above the Thoumieux Brasserie is owned by chef Jean-François Piège in partnership with Thierry Costes. 

The Costes brothers have an extraordinary 40 hotels, cafés and restaurants that belong either directly to them or to members of their extended family and employees they have staked.

The Thoumieux Hotel features 15 rooms & alot of that quirky, eclectic character the Costes brothers are known for, we are not short on design details here.  The graphics expressed throughout the design elements from the door hardware to the mirrors, carpet & furniture is certainly a strong feature of the design.

Designed by India Mahdavi it's a mix of pattern & colour that only the brave undertake. I'm already a fan of the citrus & grey colours combined with a pale palette & brass fixtures.

Collaborators on the project, M/M Paris, well known Parisian graphic designers, having worked with Bjork amoung others. With work hanging in some of the Costes other ventures (Cafe Etienne Marcel). If you are wondering about those circular light fittings, .PSLAB havcollaborated with India Mahdavi & Thierry Costes to create light fittings that respond to thphysical constraints of the site & integrate with the strong design features.


'On the hotel room walls, India Mahdavi's choice of strongly hexagonal embossed wallpaper would interact strongly with any lighting fixture. There was also no possibility of recessing the product into the walls to conceal the technical elements of the fixtures.

The product was a set of three concentric curved ‘ribs' around a central cavity, fashioned in brass. The bulb was placed in the central cavity, and topped with a reflector that refracted the light back into the fixture before it exited into the space, giving a softer glow. which nevertheless provided a visual interruption to the highly patterned interior design.'


 After 20 years as graphic design stars, M/M (Paris) is pushing into the next dimension with a uniquely twisted take on fixtures, fittings and furniture. The French duo, who has previously worked with the likes of photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, and artists Pierre Huyghe and Philippe Parreno, has taken its own typefaces as a starting point, unravelling them and crafting them in 3D form – in this case out of Brentwood and rattan for Parisian brasserie Thoumieux.