~ Cardboard Office, Nothing Agency Amsterdam

If you have ever built your own cardboard house as a kid,  this is the grown up version by Advertising Agency Nothing. The no glue, no screws approach appeals to me, in times of Austerity you can do a little DIY design. Far from the over the top budgets advertising agencies normally employ, Nothing has taken a simple, relatively cheap, overlooked material & using 1500 separate pieces that slot together, created an inspiring workspace. Pardon the pun, but they have created something out of nothing. Visitors to the office are welcome to use the material as a canvas & use the walls and desks to draw on - each piece can then eventually be replaced.

'An interior can be seen as an overhead or an opportunity'

“Nothing is about the power of ideas, about how a single idea can transform nothing into something. Using a cheap throw-away material to build a unique and memorable work space, seemed a good way to materialize this thought.”
Michael Jansen (Nothing) 

More information about the materials paper and cardboard follow the link: