~ The Chin Chin Laboratorists, Camden by Shai Akram & Andrew Haythornthwaite

We have the combination of lab like interior, outdoor swings (trapeze style) & nitrogen ice cream - what more could you want. Located in Camden, complete with crazy scientists is Europe's first liquid nitrogen Ice Cream Parlour called The Chin Chin Laboratorists designed by Shai Akram & Andrew Haythornthwaite. Using scaffolding & colour coded 'workstations' the interior revolves around the process of making the ice cream.
This week's flavour - 'Root Beer & Burdock'. Lots of fun & Enjoy the images!

'The stations connect together across the space to form a self contained, three dimensional schematic diagram of a nitrogen ice-cream making machine.' 

'a theatrical laboratory, where the performance of making the products was the key focus of the space - molecular structures and diagrams formed the foundation for the identity and interior.'

'Lighting is an extension of the scaffolding framework, terminating in directional task lights for illuminating work areas.' 

Images courtesy of: shai akram