~ Dove House by Gundry & Ducker

I'm intrigued by the blackened extension on the back of a Victorian terrace by Gundry & Ducker in Balham, South West London.  It's a striking juxtaposition between the existing fabric of the terrace & the new extension & it certainly isn't simply a conservatory extension, the use of the blackened timber is a strong element.
The larch walls extend beyond the house to enclose a matching gabled playhouse and a garden terrace. The extension has opened up views through the ground floor of the house to the garden.
It also provides an internal lining to the garden, which also forms the rear facade of the extension. Around the garden the space between the old and new layers forms storage spaces and hidden planters. The wall is cut away in places to reveal the ivy growing over the old fence behind.  
We envisaged that being in the garden would be like being in a room open to the sky.