~ Eva Menz chandeliers/ installations

I have passed by the showroom of Eva Menz many times & always intrigued by the changing window display of chandeliers using a variety of materials in a striking way. However, these are not your standard chandeliers & today I have taken a look at her work to find not only the chandeliers, but also the amazing 3D installations using recycled glass, crystal, porcelain, feathers, ice & bone (not an exhaustive list) to create a striking visual effect. Here are some amazing images of my favourites, from the linear ordered form of  'Signature' to the billowing blanket like form of 'Singing Water'. Definately inspiring.

'Signature' chandelier by Eva Menz
'The Signature chandelier arranges fine tubes of glass in a formation following a chapter end symbol of classical calligraphy. A single channel of brushed steel holds the glass tubes, which are lit by a fine strip of lights hidden within the frame. The tubes are arranged in such a way that endless patterns are formed, varying according to the angle the piece is viewed from.'

'Duet Noir' by Eva Menz

'A restaurant by day and a dance floor by night, the space required a piece that was translucent, yet present. With the changing light, Duet Noir makes for a gentle installation during the day and a mystical ceiling feature at night.
This 11 metre piece contains in excess of 7 000 rocks made of mixed recycled glass. Individually suspended over the dance floor, each piece forms part of two petal shapes in an apparent elegant dance with one another.'

'Singing Water' by Eva Menz
Singing Water
'Free as a Bird' made from 1000 Tyvek origami cranes
'Free as a Bird'