~ Francisca Prieto

Her artwork hangs in the V&A & the Tate, an amazing accomplishment, the work of Francisca Prieto speaks for itself. Deconstructed maps & periodicals meticulously folded & arranged into amazing installations.
'A hidden narrative emerges in each work through the connections that Francisca makes both in terms of the structures she uses, and the conceptual connections of the images and text selected.'

Between Folds/ Atlas by Francisca Prieto

Between Folds / Envelopes (A+4) by Francisca Prieto

 This wall hanging artwork is made up from hundreds of envelopes, meticulously cut and folded into intricate and interlocking forms. 'The first one I made was with the security patterns you find inside envelopes, which are beautiful and really varied – I wanted to document them and make them precious.  With that project I was linking the different patterns and colours, and I found so many possibilities – and that was just with envelopes.'