~ Lacroix for Designers Guild

'La Croix sweetie, La Croix' - If you haven't seen Absolutely Fabulous, then you might miss the reference to the iconic brand infamously mentioned by the character Eddie (played by Jenifer Saunders) in a reference to one of the biggest fashion brands of the 1990's.
A collection of fabrics, wallpaper and accessories combines stunning pattern with grahic re interpretation soft classic motifs produced under worldwide license with Designers Guild. Using the latest digital printing techniques for near photographic prints - the range of wallpaper & fabric is quite unique, complex, colourful and with references to historical couture and architecture. My fav's are the darker colourways of the images below - you can see the detail of the photgraphic effect more clearly.

'In the journey from Arles to Paris we pick up mementos en route and reference to iconic elements which, are part of the eclectic heritage of the house of Lacriox'

Air de Paris collection  'Guipure' - Jais
An oversized lace damask, jacquard woven with a satin ground to create an almost photographic effect.
Nouvelle me! - Jais
Wallpaper designed to recreate a ribboned pinboard, with brass pins printed to appear realistically three-dimensional.

Voyage - jais
Inspired by an antique map of Camargue; the region in which Arles is located, Voyage is the starting point for the journey represented by the collection.

Intuition - jais
A graphic linear design creating an almost trompe l'oeil wood grain effect. Printed using a combination of matt and shiny inks for a shimmering effect

"It has been a wonderfully exciting experience translating the spirit of Lacroix couture into a beautiful collection of fabrics for the home."
Tricia Guild.