~ Le Dauphin, Rem Koolhaas, Paris

Not long ago I visited Le Dauphin in Paris, the super smooth marbled interior of the restaurant by Rem Koolhaus. The restaurant for Chef Fre Peneau is a great experience, to be honest I wasn't aware of the restaurant or it's reputation, either food or design before going. Both were a great surprise in a positive way. The food was fantastic, Spanish tapas & the interior, marbled & mirrored with a few industrial touches was really great to experience. The well placed mirrors mean that you can see quite alot of the intimate space from any point of view and also disguise any edges. The marble extended from the floor to the walls & ceiling with perfect joint alignment. The only criticism, if you can call it that, was the entrance was so well disguised with the blurring of the interior & exterior space, we had trouble finding the door initally.