~ Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop, Heston Blumenthal

Britian's answer to Willy Wonka has added a whole new level of excitement to the Fat Duck experience.
Once you are lucky enough to have secured a booking - a few months in advance, you will receive a multi-sensory online experience in the lead up to your dinner called Like A Kid In A Sweet Shop. In collaboration with The Neighbourhood Heston has come up with an amazing graphic & audio experience, leaving cues to the coming dinner in the experience. John Hurt narrates as the shopkeeper.
Heston talks about the creative process & the moment when a dish or new creation comes together as the same excitement as a kid in a sweet shop, he wanted to use the time leading up to the dinner to build up the anticipation in the diners. Follow the link to see Heston talk about the experience.
Looks amazing, I'm excited & I'm not even going!