~ Timorous Beasties Conrete Tiles

In collaboration with a company called Graphic Relief, Scottish design duo Timorous Beasties have produced some beautiful large scale concrete tiles. Cast using moulding technology that can reproduce very fine detail, leaving the final product with a fabric like look.
The designs 'Spring Blossom' , 'Devil Damask', 'Tree of Life' and 'Napoleon Bee' have already been reproduced.
If you check the Timorous Beasties website & go to 'The Room' you can have fun creating a room with the fabrics, wallcoverings & drapes.

'We have developed a technology for manufacturing moulds with very fine surface detail. Our proprietary technology can be used to create a wide range of surface designs, textures and graphic effects in sizes up to 2×1.2m.'

Napoleon Bee by Timorous Beasties