~ Vessel Gallery, Cathryn Shilling

Walking past one of my London favourite's Vessel Gallery,  which features glass artworks, I saw this work in the window & luckily it was sunny enough to get a good picture. Via an email from Vessel Gallery, I have learned more about the creator of the work - Cathryn Shilling.

'Shilling experiments with colour and technique to produce beautiful one off sculptures. Her innovative pieces push the glass beyond our usual comfort zones. Glass rods are woven together like fabric, mimicking the flexibility and movement of cloth. The apparent fragility of the glass is balanced by the strong dynamic forms, differing levels of light picking out layers of colour. '

Shilling’s work is shown and represented in collections globally. She was winner of the V&A’s ‘Inspired By’ award for glass in 2009.  

Cathryn Shilling - Standing Form