~ Anzas Dance Studio// Tsutsumi And Associates

Amazing images of a dance studio by Beijing based Tsutsumi And Associates. This rather small studio is lined with mirrors covered in tiny graduated dots to create the illusion of a mist & the illusion of a larger space. The interior has tigerwood flooring and spotlights dotted across the ceiling.
Curves in the apex of each corner further blur the perceived boundaries of the room.
In the words of the architect:
In the view of being repeated by the mirror, changing dizzyingly, a sense of existence of the floor becomes important. Paradoxically speaking, anything but the floor is unnecessary to be perceived. Then I imagined a space wrapped in a deep fog. It was felt that the scenery in the fog in which everything except ground is near whiteout condition was proper to this dance studio. By painting a white ceramic paint in a dot gradation on the mirror, the floor merges far into the wall.
When it sets foot on the studio, an innumerable white particle wraps the body. The floor merges gradually in a deep boundary, and senses of depth are lost. Although the dance studio is mostly a dull space with only the mirror, by blurring everything but the floor without assuming its existence, a fantastic space has been created.

Images courtesy of Tsutsumi & Associates
Via Dezeen