~ Catenary Veil // Paredes+Aleman Arquitectos

Paredes+Alemán Arquitectos is a Guatemala-based architecture office founded by Axel Paredes and Ana de Paredes. Their work ranges in scale, from furniture design to architecture and urban scale projects. The office of Paredes+Aleman Arquitectos has received notable attention due to its constant innovation in design.

Catenary Veil
The nickel-plated, steel catenaries were hung by their own weight from four hundred different coordinates, and distributed on the two perpendicular planes of the ceiling and adjacent wall.

Ripple Desk

This desk was designed so that the ripple effect of a water drop is traced on the front side of the desk through the use of digital fabrication.  The drop starts at one corner and slowly dissipates through out the front until it becomes completely "still" at the opposite side, while also becoming an angled wall.

Sectioned 'Liquid Wall'
65 different vertical sections forming a diagonal liquid pattern that emerges from the top and flattens again at the bottom.
Elastic mural
This panneling system was created by digitally mapping a surface manipulated in 3D generating a series of expanding and compressing perforations forming a wave-like surface of irregular cusps.

Images courtesy of paredes+aleman arquitectos