~ I.Rain // Theirry Gaugain

Detail of I.Rain by Thierry Gaugain

Flying Ribbon by Aldo Cibic
Wish Tree OLED Chandelier
Blackbody, a brandname of French company Astron Fiamm, presents a lamp installation that exploits the potential of OLED technology. This lighting consists in an ultra-flat luminous plate that, because of the way it is made, can be adopted for large surfaces and allows huge design freedom.

Four lamps by CibicWorkshop are on show: Flying Ribbon, two luminous strips with zero thickness hanging from the ceiling; Blossoms, a floor lamp in the form of a small fruit tree; and Teka, an object seemingly from another time containing 15 circular OLEDs in a wooden case with brass inserts and The Wishing Tree, a design recently set up in the Teatro Ristori in Verona in which luminous rectangular sheets of glass hang from a central metal structure.
Designer Thierry Gaugain has brought his I.Rain lamp to the exhibition, in which light points hang on fine threads of different lengths to form a light, flimsy mass.

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