~ Jacob Hashimoto// Selected Installations

These amazing installations by Jacob Hashimoto look like clouds, assembled out of paper "kites" in undulating, interactive compositions. The way the light passes through the kites, creating areas of light & dark with the repetition of pattern is stunning.

In-finitum, in the Palazzo Fortuny,Venice

Macri Rome Contemporary Art Museum

Each work is comprised of hundreds of small bamboo and paper kite-like elements. These kite elements are strung together in chains, and layers of these chains are stretched taut between short dowels that project from wall-mounted brackets, creating a densely layered and fragmented tapestry of image or pattern.
While the individual components remain more or less abstract, overall, clusters of pattern, stripes, or waves of color are formed, giving the works a pictorial quality that suggests organic forms.
Through this unique process Hashimoto's works convey an ephemeral wonder, entrancing the viewer with their continuously shifting illusion of light, space, motion, and sense of flight. 

Discovered via Trendland