~ La Maison Champs Elysees// Martin Margiela

Images from the Parisian hotel La Maison Champs Elysées located within the historic maison de centraliens in the heart of the city, a collaboration between Belgian fashion designer martin margiela and toulouse-based architect danièle darmon. The first hotel to be designed by Martin Margiela. The re-imagining took the original detailing reminiscent of the napoleon III era and modernized it
using subtle ironies - a signature of martin margiela. The designer created 17 hotel suites called the Couture Collection as well as a restaurant, a cigar bar, bar, and the reception area of the historical part of the building.
The use of all white or all black, mirrors and optical illusions, covered furniture and faux trompe l'oeil translate the fashion designer's work into new spacial concepts. Two dimensional surfaces appear to be architectural details through the use of black-and-white wallpaper. A graphic of parquet flooring was added to a custom runner to give it the illusion of wood parquet, but the feel of carpet.
Lights on the wall illuminate the hint of artworks, but often there is no real frame or photograph.
Humorous and unusual, the rooms take you into another world which blurs the lines of reality and fiction.
The fantastic images are from the hotel feraturing the Curiosity Case Suite, a room with black painted walls and black stained parquet oak floor, the White Cover suite  where all objects and furnishings are draped with loose white covers. And the finally the Lost Mouldings suites . Keep an eye out for the floating chairs & tables of La table du 8.
Amazing hotel definately quirky details & a touch of the surreal. I'm Inspired!


'we are happy to reinterpret another house for our first hotel project in paris. we have created a theatrical environment where reality and trompe-l'oeil are mixing together. the result is several sets with intertwined references giving an atypical ambiance harmoniously
opposing past and present
.' - maison martin margiela

 'for our clientele who are constantly looking for new lifestyle experiences, we wish to redefine what you may expect from being a hotel guest today. together with maison martin margiela, we are aiming at a luxurious yet relaxed place where purity of forms is matched with amazing detailing, in a corner of paris which gathers all of the most presgious french couture houses.'
- bernadette chevalier, president of exclusive hotels for maison champs-elysées

The White Lounge
salon blanc
The bar
some of the walls are covered in black and white wallpaper that speak of classic french architecture
La table du 8

The Cigar Bar

Door to reception
The Curiosity Case Suite

The White Cover Suite

Lost Mouldings Suite

 Images courtesy of La Maison