~ Lex Pott// Transience

These beautiful artworks are created by artist Lex Pott. The work titled Transience reveals the natural oxidisation process that a mirror usually undergoes in it's lifetime, one which we usually try to prevent. The work celebrates the range of colours that rust can form using overlapping geometric shapes.

In this case, sulphur is used to create an accelerated oxidation process. Depending on the time that the silver is reacting with sulphur, different colour tones can be achieved, ranging from gold to brown, to purple to blue.

 'Over time, dark spots start to appear on mirrors. The silver layer is slowly oxidizing under the influence of oxygen and water, thereby showing some of its history. This process can be regarded as degradation, however this project shows the beauty of this material transition of silver.'

Images courtesy of Lex Pott

Via It's Nice That