~ Lorenzo Damiani// 'Styleless' exhibition at Studio Achille Castiglioni

During the 2012 Salone del Mobile trade show, it is offering the Achille Castiglioni Studio Museum for exhibitions of works by architects and designers espousing the Achille Castiglioni project philosophy. Lorenzo Damiani is the first guest to have been selected to share his way of designing with hundreds of visitors who, every day of the trade show, will pass through the Studio Museum.

Lorenzo Damiani will exhibit some of his projects currently under production, some he produced himself and a number of new ones, in an exhibition called “Lorenzo Damiani: style-less”, in which his design history will be revealed.

It sets out to show the analogies between the designs of two architects, Damiani and Castiglioni.
The entrepreneur Giulio Cappellini and the design critic and historian Beppe Finessi – have been asked to write two critiques on the designers.
Lorenzo came here in 1996 and met Achille Castiglioni, who welcomed him and the other students with his usual zest for new ideas. In 1998 he awarded Lorenzo for his project “Packlight” lamp – which I, too, immediately fell in love with – for the “Youth Project” section of the Compasso d’Oro Award. With this project – and with many others as well, each very different to one another – Lorenzo sends a clear message to our consumerist society.
He has already designed about 100 works, and about a quarter of them are now being produced. Others are simply waiting for companies to accept the challenge, even in these difficult times, producing and giving everybody the chance to enjoy functional and yet ironic projects. Thank you, Lorenzo!
Giovanna Castiglioni

Chipboard Lamp

He specialises in furniture and product design, and has collaborated with a number of companies including Campeggi, Cappellini, Montina, Skitsch, Erreti, Coop, Illy Caffè, Refin, IB Rubinetterie, BBB EmmeBonacina, Lavazza, Ceramica Flaminia, Nodus, Diamantini & Domeniconi.
He has won several prizes. His “Flex” and “OnlyOne” projects form part of the permanent collection of the Chicago Museum of Architecture and Design.
In 2009, the Triennale Design Museum dedicated a solo exhibition to him, called “Ma Dove Sono Finiti gli Inventori? Lorenzo Damiani” [Where have all the inventors gone? Lorenzo Damiani], which was curated by Marco Romanelli.
And then we can see… “He came by…” exhibition
Now presenting “Lorenzo Damiani: style-less”, from 17 April to 5 May 2012

Images courtesy of andrea basile studio