~ Patrick Roger Brussels// Gilbert Moity lighting

It's one of the most amazing lighting installations that I have seen in a while. Nature & more specifically a stand of trees was the inspiration. Taking into account Chocolatier Patrick Roger's inspiration from nature & signature green (used in all his stores & signature boxes). It's called 'hanging forest' designed by lighting designer Gilbert Moity.
Patrick Roger is something of a chocolatier superstar in France, I think he is referred to as an artisan & you can see why if you take a look at some of his creations. Located in the Brussels Place du Grand Sablon, in Partick Roger's latest store it was compulsory to keep unchanged both the facade and the interiors. Certainly a challenge for any designer.
Like a few previous posts I have featured, it has exposed brick walls & industrial interior with a 'hero' - this time it's the central feature lighting. The lighting is central to the store & draws the customer into look at the chocolates laid out on a central display bronze sculpture below. It utilises to maximum advantage the height of the space. Stunning & Inspiring.

 'Referring to the work of the chocolate artisan, who draws much inspiration from nature, Gilbert Moity had the idea of creating a kind of 'hanging forest' floating over the sculpture.'

Images courtesy of Gilbert Moity
Via Arbitare